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Prepare your students to roll up their sleeves to become REAL scientists performing REAL experiments! Known for our innovative approach to science, High Touch High Tech SFBA is the #1 choice among teachers, administrators, parents and especially the students!

Our programs align with the CA Common Core and NGSS standards for elementary grades.

•    Hands-on
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•    Individual kits of supplies packed according to CDC guidelines and delivered to your doorstep (or school)

Science Programs for Kids


Encourage science discovery in children around the world!



The Power of Light©
Find out just how amazing light is. What is visible light? Discover who ROY G. BIV is and the electromagnetic spectrum.  Make your own spectroscope, and become a UV light detector!

Sounds Like Fun©
Catch the Vibes… and find out all the amazing facts about sound.  Discover what sounds are.  See sound, and have FUN as we make salt dance and water fly. Build your own harmonica!

Air with Flair©
Uncover the mysteries of air, if you dare! Learn all about air, and its amazing properties. Have a tug of war with suction cups!

Up, Up & Away!©
Learn about aerodynamics and what makes things fly.  Learn about lift and drag as we use blimps and balloons. Make a helicopter and a paper airplane.

Moovin' & Groovin'©
Become “energized” as we discover potential and kinetic energy. Learn about different forms of energy.

Newton in a Nutshell©
Step back in time to the days of Newton.  Have a hands-on look at inertia and motion.  Discover gravity and have FUN as we push, pull, and get the job done!

Zoom to the Moon©
Discover how the moon orbits the earth and how the earth and other planets orbit the sun. Learn cool facts about the moon. Explore its phases and make moon sand!


Matter Matters©
Discover the states of matter including plasma.  Have an evaporation race and explore the cool journey from liquid to gas. 

Wacky Water Workshop©
Discover how cool water really is. Learn about its unique properties that make it the wonder molecule sustaining life on our planet! Make your very own molecule to keep!


Rock On©
Step into the world of Geology.  Learn about gems, rocks, and minerals and where they come from. Dig for real gems and keep what you find.  Perform acid tests and more as we classify our gems.

Jurassic Junior©
Step back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Become a paleontologist. Examine real fossils, and make your own fossil.

Weather or Not©
Become a ‘weather man’ as we understand weather forecasting! Learn about weather, and the water cycle. Make your own wind sock, and snow!


Get Buggy©
Discover the incredible world of bugs.  Find out all the cool and creepy things bugs do.  Design your own edible bug, see through the eyes of bugs, and make your very own beehive.  Explore the many ways bugs help our world.

Smarty Plants©
Discover the amazing world of plants.  Learn about photosynthesis and have a hands-on look at roots, shoots, and transportation inside a plant.

ExSEEDingly Cool©
Explore the ‘seedy’ facts as we dissect a seed and learn how seeds travel far and wide.

Science Programs for Kids


Discover the power of observation as students journey through experimentation!

Following Best Practices guidelines are followed during packaging of kits:

1. Kits packaged by personnel wearing gloves and masks

2. Kits will be packaged and left untouched 2 days prior to delivery

3. Instruction cards will be included in kit

Science Programs for Kids


Participate in FUN science experiments with easy to use scientific tools!

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